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In our Laboratory TRANSDISCIPLINARITY is a living word.
Transdisciplinarity means collaborative work between teammates educated in different disciplines.
Transdisciplinarity means participation of people having different cultural background.
Transdisciplinarity means a joint effort between young and senior scholars.
Transdisciplinarity means coexistence of multiple languages.
Transdisciplinarity means translational science.


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The possibility to use remote computers for data analysis represents an important goal of the Laboratory of Neuro-heuristics. We developed a user-friendly computational framework based on the features provided by the Java language. This represents an important step towards the implementation of a 'virtual laboratory', where colleagues from all over the world and from developing countries, in particular, get an access to cutting-edge techniques of scientific data analysis.

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The first transdisciplinary Web site in Switzerland
The first site in Swiss Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics
Serving since April 1995

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